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     European Union's WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment requires that, the WEEE symbol must be placed on an EEE product if the product falls in one of the 10 categories and is placed onto the EU market after the 13th August 2005. Producers must provide refurbishment, treatment and reuse information for each "new" WEEE. The directive obligates member states to establish and maintain a registry of producers putting electrical and electronic equipment onto the market. So far, there does not exist a centralized European registration office. Producers must register in individual member states of the EEA.

Authority responsible for WEEE-related issues:

Instituto Nacional de Residuos
(Waste Institute)
Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho, n 30 - 5
1000-017 Lisboa
Tel: +351- 21 842 4000
Fax: +351- 21 842 4099

Registration is mandatory to all EEEs Producers.

Producer rgistration can be done at Sistema de Registo de Produtores de Equipamentos Eléctricos e Electrónicos here:

Until 15 May 2006, there are totally 801 EEE producers already registered. Click here to view a list.

Timing of implementation:

13 August 2005.

National legislation:

Decree-Law no. 230/04 (Decreto-Lei n. 230/2004.) of 10 December 2004

Producer is defined under Decree-Law no. 230/2004 as any person that, regardless of its sales technique, including distance-selling:

  • manufactures and sells electrical and electronic equipment under his own brand name,

  • re-sells under his own brand name equipment produced by other suppliers,

  • imports or exports electrical and electronic equipment on the national market as a result of its professional activity.

Producer Responsibility:

Labeling & marking of the products:

Collective schemes for recycling:

European Recycling Platform.

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